Unblock YouTube

Unblock YouTube videos in any country and get around "Video not available" messages with our free YouTube Proxy and VPN. Access YouTube through any of our youtube proxy locations or directly through our VPN.

Get Full YouTube Support

If you are looking for true YouTube support without the need for a web proxy use our secure VPN. Once connected to our VPN network all of your Internet traffic gets encrypted and is routed through our proxy servers. While connected you can easily access YouTube or other blocked websites directly without the need for a web proxy.

We operate VPN servers in multiple different countries all around the world. All of our plans have unmetered bandwidth and no speed restrictions. Bypass YouTube country locks easily by changing your VPN location.

Check out more information regarding our VPN service here.

VPN for Video

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • All Server Locations
  • 8 Active Devices
  • Private DNS
  • No Logs
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Bypass YouTube Blocks

Unblock access to YouTube videos which are blocked in your country because of "Video Unavailable" messages. Bypass any YouTube errors and watch videos which can only be seen in certain locations by changing which YouTube proxy or VPN server you are connected to.

Fast Servers

We never limit the connection speed or amount of bandwidth you can use to make sure you always have the smoothest experience possible while using our YouTube proxy or VPN services.

Unblock YouTube

Unblock full access to YouTube no matter where you are located with our YouTube Proxy. No government should be restricting any access to the Internet especially not social media websites such as YouTube.

High Quality Video

We try and make your YouTube proxy experience as close to the real thing as we can. 4everproxy lets you watch YouTube videos in full HD and lets you choose which quality you would like to watch. We support all available YouTube qualities including 4K

Listen to Music

Bypass any YouTube copyright errors on music videos and listen on any device directly in your web browser. 4everproxy will continue to play YouTube videos even if you minimize your browser or turn off your phone screen.

Unblock YouTube Streams

Our YouTube Proxy even supports live streams and all available stream qualities. Enter any blocked YouTube URL in the box above and click on GO to watch unrestricted.

YouTube VPN

Our YouTube proxy works good but if you want to unblock YouTube on any device without any compatibility issues then use our VPN.

HD Video

Full support for all video qualities that are available from the source website. Watch any video in any quality all the way up crystal clear 4K.

Music Videos

Watch all your favorite music videos without them being blocked due to copyright in your country.

Unblock YouTube

Access YouTube in any location and bypass any filters put in place by your work or school.

Stream Support

We even support YouTube streams! Watch the latest news or even live kittens it's up to you.