Unlimited VPN

Secure VPN servers in multiple countries with Unlimited Bandwidth, DDoS protection, and no logs.

1 Month

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • All Server Locations
  • 8 Active Devices
  • Private DNS
  • No Logs
  • Billed $9.95 every month

12 Months

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • All Server Locations
  • 8 Active Devices
  • Private DNS
  • No Logs
  • Billed $83.40 every 12 months

Basic VPN

Only 1 Active Device $3.95 / Month Order Basic
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Easy Setup

Getting started is extremely easy on any device by using the 4everproxy or OpenVPN application. After installing you will be able to log in with your 4everproxy VPN account information. With just a few taps or clicks your device will be connected to the VPN. Download Here

  • Easily choose VPN location
  • Automatically select fastest VPN
  • Kill switch in case the VPN loses connection
  • Choose to connect over UDP or TCP
  • Support for external OpenVPN configuration files
  • Select a favorite server

The 4everproxy application is currently only available for Windows. Setup for mobile devices or non Windows users is still very easy by using the default OpenVPN application for your device or operating system.

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Worldwide VPN

4everproxy operates VPN servers in multiple different countries all around the world. When you use the 4everproxy VPN you also get access to our HTTP proxy network which is currently available in 17 different locations.

VPN Server Selection

Connect to the server closest to you and get low latency and fast speed for gaming or change your location to make it appear as if you are browsing from somewhere else and access content that is only available in certain regions. See our locations page for a full list of server locations.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We do not impose any sort of bandwidth restrictions in terms of speed or data usage. All available server bandwidth is shared among active VPN users.

Custom Application

We make connecting to our VPN network easy with the 4everproxy VPN application. Simply download and install our VPN app to get started.

DDoS Protection

Some of our locations have extra protection against DDoS attacks. Using these DDoS protected servers will make sure your always safe from these sorts of attacks.

Anonymous DNS

We use our own in house Anonymous DNS service to ensure your privacy. This keeps you safe from DNS Leaks that could cause your ISP to track which websites you visit.


The 4everyproxy VPN network runs on OpenVPN which is one of the most popular and open source VPN software projects. OpenVPN is supported on a wide range of operating systems.

Supported Devices

Because we use OpenVPN that means you can easily connect to our VPN servers on any OpenVPN supported device which includes phones, tablets, routers, and more.

Getting Started

Setup is easy no matter what device you are using, below you will find the information needed for your device.

Have Questions?

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